scarves are amazing, agreed?

Two outfits posts in ONE week?! Craziness. I promised more outfit posts so I didn't wanna dissapoint...although I will probably go a week without sharing an outfit. It's just the way I roll.

{Dress} Old Navy {Scarf} Giveaway win from JANNYSGIRL {Tights} Target {Shoes} Hand-me-downs

This outfit was lookin' BLAH until I remembered my JANNYSGIRL scarf...thanks to Mama for reminding me about it. It took a boring outfit to a interesting one in no time flat. OK, I will quit professing my love for scarves now. 

Happy Lord's Day readers!  


  1. This is really cute! I like that dress so much!!!

  2. Scarves are totally amazing! I LOVE them! :) And I really love the one you're wearing!

  3. Darling, you look FABULOUS! How can there be so much cute in 1 {OK, 2} picture?!?!?!?! That scarf is pretty much the bomb dot com :)

  4. CUTE CUTE CUTE! love the color of the dress :)

  5. That outfit is simply gorgeous!

    ~Bri {Diamonds and Pearls}