thanksgiving 2011

Ah, Thanksgiving. It's my favorite holiday, only second to Christmas {I mean, DUH} because I love the emphasis put on family and, of course, the food. In fact, cooking the food is my most favorite part of the holiday...something about seeing your family enjoy the food you worked oh so hard on makes my heart happy. As tradition in my family goes, we make green bean casserole, my grandma's family recipe stuffing, and mashed potatoes. GET IN MAH BELLEH.

After sleeping in {can I get an amen on that?!}, watching the Macy's Day Parade, and a big breakfast of pumpkin pancakes, we went to Gran Jan's to spend the afternoon with her & Mr. Jim just like last year!

Green Bay Packers on Gran Jan's big flat screen. Clark takes just the mere act of watching football seriously.
Mr. Jim brought Dr. Pepper for me & Clark. We really like him ;)

I'm pretty sure I talked the timer into dinging a little soon than it should...I was just SO hungry!

Our table!

As if the game on wasn't enough football for the guys, they used Dad's HTC to sstay updated on the other games being played.

Clark: "Hello? No bro, I'm just chillin' with my Dad and lookin' oh so handsome while doing it."

We also admired the handmade backgammon set from Africa.

Finally FOOD!

Clark got the honors of cutting the turkey up. He was so proud...
...and so hungry he couldn't look at the camera.

Lining up!

I fell asleep after the meal only to be woken up by something (namely, someONE). It was nice while it lasted!
After we had let all the food settle in our tummys, we set out on our annual Turkey Day walk to the park off of Gran Jan's neighborhood.

Mama & Gran Jan sat on the benches while the rest of us tossed us the football in the waning sunlight. It was amazing and the perfect way to end the day.

Poor Clark...he COULD NOT get himself to flip over the chin-up bar, so Dad helped him.

Then Dad HAD to prove he could flip over the bars too.

And then the Master Herself had to show her family how it was done.

And THEN we all had to have a go at the monkey bars. We all failed, except for Dad. While we were doing all this, Gran Jan just stayed on the bench and watched. Smart woman.

Heading back!

Back at Gran Jan's we had pumpkin pie & watched MORE football & played Rummikub.

We packed up and headed out, then went home and watched a favorite movie of all time, Iron Man! & played Scrabble and went to bed late. It was awesome.

So readers. How was YOUR Thanksgiving?!

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  1. Oooh, that sounds fun! :) My thanksgiving was great, We hung out with my dad's side of the family :)