the hunger games

I adore Lauren for introducing me to Doctor Who...more specifically, the Tenth Doctor but that's a whole 'nother post. Trust me & Lauren on this one. She's awesome in about every other way too, from her awesome slikkz in the kitchen and her camera to her bold outfit choices. I love her to death. Ilene's style inspired me to do outfit posts in the first place, and I love every.single.one of her pieces in her Etsy shop. And then there's Samantha...we basically have the same blog name {great minds think alike} & she has the best Pinterest posts. Plus, she's oh so pretty and has a great sense of style. She also influenced my opinion towards Tim Tebow. That's all I'm saying on that.

These 3 girls all share a common bond: their love for the book trilogy The Hunger Games. My cousin Sam had read the books last spring but I though they would be too weird for me. That was at the beginning of the year...and when I watched the trailer {which released yesterday}, I decided to give it a try. A few texts later, Sam arranged to give me the first book so I could see what all the fuss is about.

I've got one book to finish but I'm afraid that I'm going to put that one aside to start the Hunger Games. Anything I should know about it? Do tell!

**UPDATE** Yeah, I couldn't wait. I read the first two chapter last night {stayed up wayyy late to read 'em} & had to restrain myself from reading more. I'm going to have to physically hold myself back until I've finished the other book. If you're looking for me during Thanksgiving break, I'll be curling up with a cuppa tea & the book. Kthanksbai.

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  1. Official warning, although it sounds like it might be too late - they are ADDICTING! I am not a science fiction fan at all, and honestly when I first heard the story line I was totally turned off...but then I read the first chapter and couldn't stop! Better have #2 close by cause you aren't going to want to wait after you finish this one :)