harvest time

I'm no Brittany {one of the most genuine Christian blogging mamas that loves her kids and her farming life; check out her blog HERE} and I most certainly don't take amazing harvest/tractor pictures like she does. BUT! I just had to share what Mama said when we saw the tractors & throw in a couple of my own tractor pictures.

"Oh great...now the mice will start to come into the house..."

I just about died laughing. I mean, that's only something you'd say down in the country, amIright?! The answer's yes, BTW.


Happy Saturday friends! May your house be free of those little furry tailed creatures forever and ever. Or, you know...just until harvest time is over.  

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  1. Haha, I feel you! Whenever the long pants come out so do the mouse traps. I love the first picture!