scenes from the weekend

{Saturday 11.5}
On Friday, Emily & I texted about just how boring our weekends were going to be...and when I woke up on Saturday, I was in a funk. It  She put her thinking cap on after I told her I was bumming around the house and we worked it out so we could cheer each other up. Off to the Nichols house I went! 

There were Nutella-frosted chocolate cupcakes...

Yes, Nutella cupcakes. Yes, my mind exploded and yes, I had more than one. I almost had one right before I left but decided that was overkill...but I kinda regret not taking one for the road. 

After popcorn and a movie {Monte Carlo}...

Movie review comin' soon! 

...we realized it was dinner time and I had no idea how I was getting home. Right about that time Mama texted me and said "Since you're already there, why no spend the night?" Yesss. We ate dinner, showered, and got settled in before we started the next movie, Love Comes Softly latest installement. That movie is INTENSE...so many storylines. We finally headed to bed after it ended {it was two parts each two hours long. do the math...that's a four hour movie} and laughed our heads off until well after midnight. Yeah, we totally wasted our extra hour of sleep this year but it was worth it! 

{Sunday 11.6}

I woke up not so bright & early on Sunday via a phone call from Clark asking me to check my texts. I had 3 {all from Dad} saying they were greeters at church and they were going to get to the Nichols even earlier. That didn't stop me from enjoying my biscuit from Mickey D's and watching one of my all time favorite movies, The Day After Tomorrow...

...seriously, go watch this movie. It's got young Jake Gyllenhall, crazy weather, and rabid wolves. What more do you need? ;)

Clark walked in with my clothes {remember, no packing was involved in this sleepover. i slept in an old pair of Em's PJs} and I threw them on and out the door I went to church!

Since Clark wasn't able to make it to Caleb's birthday party {looong story that involves puking, recovering, getting an ear infection and lots of sleep. my poor bro}, we took him home after church to spend the afternoon with us. But first? A stop at our favorite place to have a birthday lunch: Chilis! 


YUM! i could stuff my face with these chips all day and never get tired of them.

my pretty Mama <3
We also stopped into Barnes & Nobles to get Tim Tebow's book so I could read it for school...

And that was my weekend for ya...busy but oh so fun :) Happy Monday readers! How was YOUR weekend?
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  1. Oh, the fun memories we made that day (and night)... "Oh, Dale..." Bahahaha! Love you, girly. Thanks for coming over.