God's teaching me things

Like my title says, God's teaching me things, how to look at the bad things happening from His viewpoint. In other words, seeing the good out of every situation; it might not happen right after the bad thing occurred, but later on down the road...and that's when it's the hardest to accept.

While I absolutely love Lindsay's It's the Little Things link up, it makes things seem perfect {since you are only telling the good parts of the week instead of reflecting on the bad; nothing wrong with that}. I'm all about being a real blogger, but I don't want to bring my readers down by constantly writing about the not-so-good moments in my life. Therefore, I decided to show how God is working in our life by revealing himself in those moments.

Instead of getting in a funk about how it rained for the second straight time we've had a campout party, I can remember all the fun we had INSIDE the house playing UNO, having Twister chamionships, playing Night of the Assains, and putting glowsticks on the ceiling fan while the lights are out. If it hadn't rained, the boys would've been outside for the night & I wouldn't have gotten to hear their sweet laughter that makes me want to have a bunch of kids.

Instead of complaining about the hole in our ceiling that we cut weeks ago {to find a leak that had been there for years} and not having the time to patch it up, realizing that if we had, we wouldn't have seen that we hadn't fixed the leak and that's it still there, dripping right next to an outlet. What a mess it would have been to think we had succeeded and fixed the leak, patched up the ceiling & begun the next step in redo-ing the

Instead of crying about my bad grade on both essays I've done so far for my online college English class, I can feel the nudge to work harder & to learn to accept criticism, because ohhh boy...I hate criticism when it's directed at me.

There are things I'm still struggling with, like how I missed seeing my camp friends Hannah, Jack, and Sam last night because I was "stuck" here at Clark's party, but God's going to reveal that in no time. I believe that with all my heart <3

Today has been a good day. Really, it has. Productive because I washed my sheets, re-made my bed, got the house back in order and restful because I took a two hour nap,  made a HUGE dent in my blog reading {many people get freaked out over a bunch of unread posts but to me it means lots to read & catch up on. it's one of my favorite things}, texted with my camp bestie Hannah, and drank tea in bed while watching House.

We'll be back to your regularly scheduled happy blog posts next week, I promise. Thanks for sticking with me, readers. :)


  1. awww thanks for sharing your heart with us~!! glad you had a good day though!!

  2. God's teaching me things too.

    & naps always make days better!

  3. this is good... i love how God can renew our minds and we can be thankful in all circumstances. : )