Anatomy Co-op

If you've been reading Simply SA for awhile now, you know that one of the things we specially like to do in our homeschooling is have co-ops. From reading Little House on the Prairie, dressing up in pioneer outfits, and eating deer meat to dissecting a fish in biology {Click HERE to see Emily & I doing that, unless you're squeamish...then don't. Fish guts aren't pretty.} and experimenting with drain cleaner in chemistry, we've done a bunch of things. 

All that backstory to say, I was sad when I thought that I didn't have a co-op to go to this year. BUT! God is amazing and provided me with just one other person that was doing A&P this year: my friend Kaley. Love that girl. And, as a added bonus, I get to tag along with Clark because he's doing an anatomy co-op with the Furloughs! And take pictures! And actually know more than they do in a certain subject, ha!

The first co-op was Friday afternoon and the subject was the cell. Those suckers are HARD to learn about, I'll tell ya that. Those boys knew more about them than I did when I first studied them, so kudos to Clark, Trey, Josh, Nate, and Andrew. 
Of course, 4 square was involved before co-op started.

Mama was in charge of the lesson & made this awesome colorful diagram of the cell. Awesome and colorful, in case I didn't say that before.

Too cute, no? Also, holy blue eyes batman! Josh has some of the most amazing blue eyes.

Em's & my little photographer in training. B&W makes it even more precious, don't you think?
Moldy apples were part of the process. It felt WEIRD, but it was cool...kind of.

The front one was the control apple and the other is covered in baking soda & salt to mummify it. We're waiting another couple weeks to see the results.

Josh's enthusiasm for everything rubs off on you...I always laugh when I'm around him because he is just so FUNNY.

We borrowed the microscope from Kaley so I could show the boys what skin & stomach lining look like. They were AMAZED.

Coloring was involved. Gone are my days of coloring things {well, not really...but my "coloring" book for Anatomy is INTENSE.} so it was precious to see them color the layers of skin for a cut out we're doing over the course of the co-op.

The snack was an Edible Cell, made from Jello & filled chock full of candy for the different parts of the cells. Ohmygoodness, there was a serious sugar craze afterwards. Unfortuntely, my pictures didn't really turn out...and Picasa decided NOT to upload more that 20 pics to this post. :( I'm not tech savvy enough to add the edited food pics to this particular post; can anyone help with this?!

::sigh:: I love co-ops. :)

One little tidbit about this post: it's a Landmark post. Wanna guess why? OK, I can't stand it I HAVE to tell ya'll. It's my very first all Manual picture post!! ::squeal:: After a year {and almost a half, actually} I switched over to that little "m" button and haven't stopped shooting in that mode yet. A little more time consuming what with getting the settings right & editing them? Yes. But I feel SO accomplished that it's worth it to me.

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