scenes from the weekend

Didja notice I was gone over the weekend?! No? Well that's OK because while I love my readers dearly, I was having a blast Friday night that carried over to Saturday & Sunday! Consider this a sneaky peek at what's to come on the ol' blog this week...

STORM 2011. A-mazing, ya'll.

Rekindled 2011 aka the WOL ensemble. Again, a-mazing. 

Traveled up to the Water's house to spend the night on Sat...and got to see both boys play in their soccer games. Garrsion: above and Brock: below

Oh, and there was this little thing called ACTS on Sunday night at Kaley's house. I had forgotten how much fun ACTS is at someone's house. Unfortunately, no pictures...I was having a blast & forgot my camera inside. Rare, but needed because I was the photographer alll weekend. 
Happy Monday readers! 

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