worship music wednesday {laura story}

Remember Worship Music Wednesday?! Oh my, that was sooo long ago. I'm happy to say I'm ressurecting it for this week to share with ya'll one of favorite Christian singers, Laura Story!

 Ya'll, I have a SIGNED COPY OF A CD FROM LAURA STORY!! I have never had anything autographed before so this is huge for me...as evidenced by my capital lettering up above, ha! Never mind the fact that it's signed to my mom {see the Miss Melanie?}, I listen to it the most so that makes it MINE, right?! Right.

See?! I'm so excited!!

I first heard Laura Story's song "Blessings" before I ever knew who she was. It was one of those times that I listened to a million times and always missed the radio DJ say the name of the artist. I'm not alone in my plight, I know ;)

Little did I know, I was much closer to Laura Story than I realized...my mom is friends with her sister, Miss Catherine!! It's like the seven degrees of Kevin Bacon, except it's Laura Story and it's more like 3 degrees. Imagine my surprise when Mama came up to me & handed me a CD one day, saying "Miss Catherine has had this all summer for us! Let's play it." And so we did. Over & over & over again.

What would a Worship Music Wednesday post be without some YouTube vids of my favorite songs?! Not a good one, am I right?

My number one fave: This is the Day

A couple of my favorites...It's hard to pick because all the songs are amazing. You should totally buy the CD or download it on iTunes.

And this song will forever be Miss Molly's song: Blessings {I heard it the day she died & bawled like a baby with my friend Margret Katherine in WOL} because it was God that choose that song for me to hear that day. Amen? Amen.

What do ya'll think? Isn't she amazing?!


No one is compensating me for this post, ya'll. I'm simply sharing an amazing singer that I enjoy listening to, that's all. I hope you listen to her songs & grasp the message the same way I do! She is such a talented & inspiring woman {her husband had a brain tumor} & I would DIE if I ever met her.


  1. Hi Sarah-Anne,

    Before I say anything, let me just introduce myself first. I am Izi, a 14 year old girl living in a city by the coast in Australia. I used to be homeschooled, but now I go to school.

    I am a complete lover of Dance and Music. I am also a Christian.

    I would love to follow your blog but unfortunatly my Google Account is playing up at the moment so it won't let me. Sigh! I am going to try and fix that soon though!

    My Blog:

    Izi :)

  2. I love her so much... "Blessings" has been one of the songs that we've played a whole lot during everything that has happened since June. So many people sent me the link to that YouTube video during that long and emotional week when mom was in the hospital. It has a special (bittersweet) place in my heart. It is such a pretty song.

  3. thanks for sharing this lovely lady with me friend!