my anatomy co-op

Since I posted about Clark's Anatomy co-op, I though I'd give my readers a sneak peek at what I do in MY Anatomy co-op with my friend Kaley. This week we just happened to de-bone a chicken to get the wing bone AND look at slides under the microscope. We are classy like that. 

Kaley managed to take a chunk outta her hand while she was doing her wing. There was blood everywhere. 

Sharp knives, ahhhh! 
Disclamier: I DID NOT want my picture taken. In fact, I couldn't WAIT to wash my hands. Chicken feels weird and sticky, yo.

pouring the vinegar on the bones so we can test their flexibility. interesting.
Now, obvs...we don't cut up chicken EVERY time we meet. It's mostly looking at slides, identifying parts of the cell and drawing them. No biggie.

Lookin' at bone marrow. You know, the HUMAN kind?! Freaky. 
Oh, we lead such a glamorous {school} life, don't we? Happy Friday, readers!

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