Amazing edit, right?! I wish I was this talented to take the credit, but it goes to God for making a beautiful stormy backdrop! All I did was darken the edges.


{Shirt} Mama's closet {Undershirt} Target {Jeans} Old Navy {Shoes + Belt} Mama's Closet 

My favorite photo edit come to life in an outfit?! Awesome. 

Ya'll, I promise I have clothes in my own closet. But! Mama has a bunch of clothes too & we have the same style, therefore I wear a lot of her clothes (and she wears a lot of mine. there are times were she's wearing a whole outfit from my closet and vice versa). I rolled outta bed this morning and put on a whole different outfit, took it off, went downstairs & grabbed a shirt from Mama. Voila! Outfit awesomeness.

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