If you know me in real life, you know I'm a complete health nut. Salads with black beans & veggies, hummus & pita chips, the works. Sometimes I go whole days without meat {which I know is a popular things now that meat is so expensive} and I'm by all means a semi-vegetarian. But I have my weaknesses: Dr. Pepper, milk chocolate, and good ol' Southern food like hush puppies, mac 'n' cheese, and green bean casserole. Imagine my happiness when I remembered homecoming was last Sunday. Oh joy!

Zoomed in YUM!
Confession: I stuffed myself so much that I didn't have any room for dessert. Shame. Dad & Clark had no prob going back for seconds though.

If you ignore the expression, you can see that he's a really cute dude.

This little guy was HILARIOUS. He would faceplant after every couple steps then get right back up and try again.
We ended our fellowship & set out for home...with me behind the wheel. I still can't believe I'm driving, peoples.

Still shooting in Manual! What do ya'll think...am I doing OK?

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