hello monday {24}

 {hello monday}

{hello wake up from the mama}
{hello QT for Word of Life + Precepts study}
{hello WOL book [amazing, BTW. maybe a book rec coming soon?}}
{hello multigrain Cheerios}
{hello Anatomy reading with the mama}
{hello TWO lessons of Algebra 2}
{hello late lunch}
{hello daily chores}
{hello afternoon of stinky ENG 11 homework}
{hello blog reading}
{hello shower}
{hello dinner & family time}
{hello more blogging and texting with a bunch of mah peeps}
{hello DTWS and Castle}
{hello late night reading}
{hello sweet bed with electric mattress cover}

{hello monday}

This post was inspired by the one and only Lisa Leonard. If you'd like to take part in this blogging meme, make sure to give credit where credit is due. Don't forget to link up in Lisa's comments as well! 


I'm baccckkk after a couple week hiatus from my beloved Hello Monday linky! Can I get a woot woot?! ;) Happy Monday readers.


  1. Hello hello! Sometimes I don't feel like saying hello to Monday, but "he" usually ends up being pretty nice:-) xoxo

  2. Um I have an electric mattress cover and there is NO doubt in my mind that it is one of my favorite possessions ever - especially when I was living in a college house where all of us girls were too frugal and stubborn to turn the heat on at night :)

  3. love this post! makes mondays a little easier ;)


  4. Sounds like a pretty good day! :-)

    xoxo Miss ALK

  5. This post was super cute! I may have to do this soon! :)