STORM 2011

Last Friday Word of Life had one of the two main events of the year: STORM. It was so amazing to say the least. The whole premise is to bring our unsaved friends to a meeting...without really saying it was a Christian gathering. No, we didn't LIE to them! We told them that there were going to be games {true}, singing {true; it was WOL praise songs}, and a speaker {also true; Tom Phillips delivered a great message}. And there was 50 lbs of ice cream involved for after the speaker. 

Once we ate & had watched THE MOST cheesiest intro video to everything you needed to know about STORM, it was off to find a driver and go pick up your friends you had been praying about asking to come.

table. 

Margaret Katherine, Sam & Jack {camp friends}, and I stayed behind since we didn't have anyone to go pick up so we got to hang out with Rekindled and watch them set up.

Kinda loving the effect my pictures get when I lay my camera on the floor and snap away. What do you think?

I also took pictures of my crazy friends.

Say HI Rachel! 

MK and Emmylou. Are they scared of me & my camera? Methinks so. 

Rachel named her pet monkey after me. I was honored.

Blog readers, meet Jack. He's not very photogenic {as you can see}...I'm not sure our friendship will last. Kidding, kidding. He steals my camera every now and then so at least he's not totally allergic to the sound the shutter makes. Most of my pictures of him turn out like this...

...but sometimes I catch him being goofy just like the guy he is... 

..and sometimes I get his brother to bully him into taking a semi-decent picture of him with his "sister"...

This pictures does not do either of them justice but it's the best I have of 'em. 

Told ya we had games!

I love how Lauren and her friend matched. I also love how beautiful they are! 

This was the sweetest thing...this guy had to be, like, 17 and he picked the littlest guy to play air hockey with. Adorable. 

More people! 
I stink at cornhole...just ask Jack. Thus, I took pictures instead of actually playing it. I think everyone was glad I decided to do that.

SO MANY PEOPLE. Ok, so there probably weren't as many people there as I though there were. But still, lots of people. 

I have no clue who these people are but I thought it was too great a photo op to pass up.

I think it was at this point that MK grabbed me & Erika saying we were going to pick up one of her friends. As in, 10 mins before it was supposed to start. Sure, we were late getting back but it was totally worth it.

The ensemble was AMAZING guys! Like, really amazing. I sang my heart out and I'm pretty sure Erika's ears were bleeding from listening to me. I'm a bad singer like that.

See?! There was ice cream. We're not lying.

Catherine & Kaley. 

Darcy, MK's friend that we ran out to get. She's awesome. 

photo by Jack.

She licked the bowl when no one else had the confidence too. 


Me and my bestie {photo by Jack}

Next up? Rengeration. Get ready guys because it's gonna be AWESOME.


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  2. Awesome pictures, bestie! Thanks for sharing! Also, I am so excited about Regeneration. Can't wait! :)