sequins {giveaway win}

A couple months back I won a giveaway over at Kiley's place for a sequin handmade headband! And if winning it wasn't good enough, it was in purple, my favorite color! Oh yeah. I am one happy girl!

Confession: It took my forEVAH to get this headband right. I normally don't wear stretchy headbands often, but I wanted to make this one WORK {since I actually liked this one} and coupled with my short hair it took a long time in front of the mirror to get this one straight.

Since it was delayed in transit, Kiley sent me the sweetest handwritten note as well! I just love it when I get a surprise in the mail :) If you're reading this, Kiley, thank you so much for the headband; I love love love it!!

P.S. Since I'm sure you wanted to know...still loving the haircut. I want to learn how to actually USE a straightener instead of burning myself, but hey! at least my hair looks OK :)

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