bringing back the floral dress & jean jacket

{Dress} Mama's closet {Jacket} Hand-me-down {Shoes} Target
This is one gutsy outfit for me, y'all. I was hesitant to wear because I just didn't know what it would look like...or if I'd get some crazy looks from people for wearing a seemingly outdated dress. I even had it all laid out, waiting for me to man up & wear it!

I finally got the chance to wear it today...and I loved it. Super comfy, perfect floral for fall and the jean jacket is making a comeback so I knew it was a good outfit. It's the best for a Indian summer kind of day!

As if it wasn't an already awesome outfit, turns out it was my mom's dress from when she was a honorary 
bridesmaid in my aunt's wedding. Crazy that it actually fits ME {and that my mom was so tiny}!

Special shout-out to my bestie Em for taking these pics spur of the moment!
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  1. I've been on the look-out in stores lately for a jean jacket to wear with my floral dresses, but haven't had much luck. Hopefully I'll be able to track one down soon...you look absolutely adorbs in yours! :)

  2. i hope no one gave you odd looks cuz i don't know why they would! you look sooo cute - love the pattern of the dress, esp. paired with the denim jacket!!

  3. i always love a combo like this! you look so cute. great haircut, by the way!!!

  4. This it something I wore back in middle school and early high school. Sarah-Anne you are aging me!!!
    You look so cute.

  5. como se dice be-yoo-ti-ful? because this is a ridiculously, insanely lovely and femine outfit.

    (como se dice means, "how do you say...?" in spanish) :)

  6. Cute pics. I love jean jackets but rarely wear them nowadays - in fact I just pulled mine out today; maybe doing that and seeing this post is saying I should wear it again. =)