playing catch up

My dear readers, can you find it in your heart to forgive me?! Or I guess the first question I should ask is did ya'll notice I was gone, ha! I am so sorry for disappearing for a week {and if you think back, I haven't been posting on a regular basis lately}; it honestly was not my intention to leave my faithful readers high & dry for a whole week!

The past couple of weeks haven't treated me well, but I'm learning to take the curveballs God throws at me with grace...not throwing a hissy fit. It's not all bad, trust me...I've had about a million good things mixed in with only a few bad things. But ya'll, those bad things were {and if I'm still being honest, those things are still hanging over my head} BAD. Not even lying. It's at times like those I wish I had an anonymous blog to vent because my poor family can only handle so much.

All that to say, I'm playing catch up in every sense of the word. Catching up in my blog reading, blog posting, etc. I'm so sorry for the major spammage that's about to happen in your Google readers or what have you. Because, dude, watch out. I've got about 5 posts already written up in my head.

Cheers, readers! Here's to life, the good & the bad parts all mixed together.

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