WIWW {5}

Today I'm linking up with Lindsey for WIWW {What I Wore Wednesday}. Initially, it was started to keep Lindsey accountable and wear things {real clothes! gasp!} other than yoga pants and sweatshirts. Now it's blossomed into over 150+ bloggers joining in and sharing fashion tips/tricks for other WIWW particpants. 
All the cool kids are doing it. GussyLisa LeonardKimMoriah, and Lindsey herself. I'm not one to buckle under the peer pressure, but I've jumped on the bandwagon. I think it's a great way to show you guys what I wear...without having to wear skirts for a week.
Another week, another WIWW! I absolutely love sharing my outfits with you, and it's definitely motivation to get dressed in actual clothes, whether I share them with you guys or not!  Make sure to check back next week because I have some AWESOME outfits up my sleeve... ;)


{Shirt: Target}
{Dress: Target}
{Leggings: Target}
{Flats: JCPenny's}


{Sweater: JCPenny's}
{Tank Top: Target}
{Jeans: Old Navy}
{Shoes: Converse [Target]}


Note: Bad, bad pictures. :(

{Tank Top: Target}
{Cardigan: Charlotte Russe [hand-me-down]}
{Jeans: Old Navy}
{Boots: Sam's Club}

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