hello monday {6} spring break edition {with pictures} part 1

Alterantely titled: How we spent Spring Break 2011: Part 1. :)
We had grand plans the week before Spring Break. Grand plans! And, as if I really need to tell you, those plans didn't exactly pan out. But! That was okay; Spring Break was awesome anyway!! Plenty of sleeping in, food, friends, and being outdoors.
We kicked off Spring Break Saturday with an ECU baseball game {I promise the full post is coming!} as is tradition around here. And, funnily enough, we sat just one row above the one we sat in last year.

P.S. We lost. Twice. But that was okay, the popcorn made up for it. ;)
On Sunday {after nursery duty}, we went over to the Furloughs to have lunch. Plenty of spaghetti and salad were consumed, and fun times had by all. Their family is so generous, and I love, love, love being there and hanging out with them.

Jumping marathons and Lego's were also a hit that afternoon...

Monday was a stay at home day, complete with all the schoolwork we could stand, plus some fun thing as well. Tuesday on the other day...

...I got to hang with the Harvin's again!! Seriously, every other Tuesday {the days I go over there}is one of my favorite days of the week. Jack is one of the sweetest boys I know, but believe me: he is all boy. Running over the Barbies with the pink stretch limo was...all boy. Just like something Clark would do.

And what about Miss Beth? We always end up talking about deep topics on the way back to her house, then keep up the convo at lunch. Last time I was over we talked about everything from dating vs. courtship from dancing at the Historical Ball to our favorite books while feeding Luke lunch. And how can I forget about her teaching my how to eat sushi from the Fresh Market? Good times! I love it when I know that I'm blessing someone, and I think I've done that each and every time I've gone over.

Wednesday was another laid back day...but with no schoolwork!! Yes, please. We were preparing for the big day, AKA CBS day AKA Thursday. But more on that in the next installment...

Make sure to stop back by sometime later this week to see the next installment! Trust me, my life is so exciting and thrilling and I'm sure your on the edge of your seats. Not. :)

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