a day {Thursday} in my life...

You've heard me talk about it, ramble on about it, and rave about it. It's the main reason I don't normally blog on Thursdays, just because I can barely think straight, much less write a coherent post. Thus, no blogging on Thursday.What is it? It's CBS {Community Bible Study}, of course! A little background would be nice, no?
Community Bible Study is an interdenominational Bible study for the community. We offer a wide range of courses in classes throughout the United States and welcome people from all backgrounds and levels of Bible knowledge.
For over a quarter of a century, Community Bible Study has been helping people-from children to seniors-to grow in their knowledge and love of Jesus Christ.
Now that you know the general idea of what CBS strives to accomplish, here's what a typical day looks like...

Getting ready for CBS starts the day before, really. Packing up the rolling cart {with Mom's teaching materials and lesson inside}, camera, CBS snacks for the kids, and the occasional backpack full of schoolwork to do.

6:30AM: Wake up call! Oh, what fun it is to wake up before the sun had even risen yet. Not. :)
6:30AM-7:30AM: Get dressed, shower, eat something, and pack up the last minute things. 
7:30AM: And...we're off!
8:00AM: We're finally here!! After 30 mins. of driving through the backroads to avoid the morning rush hour traffic, we arrive at Grace Church
8:00AM-8:45AM: We unload the car and head to work. Mama sets up her room while Clark sets up the Music for the kids later in the morning, and I work on snack, the display boards, and anything else Martha Duke {the Children's director, which is the head of the Children's Ministry} or the teachers need {there are 2 teachers for each class, which are the 1's, 2's, 3's, 4 & 5's, plus the homeschool class, which Mama has taught for 3 years now}.

8:45AM: Prayer time! All the teachers gather around in the 2's room to pray over the day, the kids coming, and the lesson they're about to teach. 
8:45AM-9:45AM: I greet everyone coming in this door and help mom's put name tags on the {sometimes} screaming kids, hanging up diaper bags, and comforting the screaming kids. ;)

9:45AM-10:30AM: I do anything and everything that needs to be done. Mostly, I go around and take pictures of the kids and their class activities, helping Martha Duke with attendance sheets, work on gathering visual aids and such for next week's lesson, and, more than likely, you can find me in the Lamb's group with the little babies 1 and under.

10:30AM: Music time! Our music teacher this year, Laura Beth, is so sweet and energetic. She had a great way with kids and I love to talk with her afterwards.
11:00AM-11:30AM: The kids go back to their classes and I'll usually hang with the Lamb's group or get a early start for cleaning up both snack, the display boards, and music supplies.
11:30AM-12:00PM: Miss Renee {the teaching director} is so kind to give the teachers the lecture of the lesson of CBS, so we sit down {for the 1st time for hours!} and eat a snack or two. Then, it's back to cleaning...

And...that's about it. BUT! It's a lot of prep work, clean up, and everything in between. :) It is so rewarding, and I love each and every minute of it.

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