scenes from a spring weekend

Ah, the weather here in Eastern NC over the couple of days has been GORGEOUS!! Highs in the mid-70's to 80's, and just all around perfect. God is so good! He knew we couldn't take this yucky weather any longer, so He blessed us with some weather to improve our moods! :)
Saturday was great, what with sleeping in and sewing with a friend {Miss Renee}, but it was nothing compared to Sunday. We stayed after church way later than we normally do talking to the Pastor and his wife, throwing the football in the playground and laughing. so. hard. at Sam and Caleb. Love those kids!
Once we'd had our fill of tossing the football, it was time for lunch, so we went out to eat {a rare treat} at Rucker John's, our fave sit-down restaurant. We even sat outside {an even rarer treat}! Of course, the camera came along and I snapped pictures of the pretty flowers outside in the planters, our food, and that who people say I look like... ;)

{pretty, no? i think i took more pictures of the than other things!}

{i'm behind the camera!! wow.}

{our food. dad and clark split a meat-lovers pizza and mama choose the grilled chicken sandwich for her and i. and, of course, the famous RJ fries were gobbled up!}

{all that was left. poor pizza. it didn't see it coming...}

After a quick run to Sam's {no Sunday is complete without one}, we headed home and sat outside for hours working on schoolwork {me}, talking about Spring Break and an upcoming trip for Mama {everyone}, and Clark even got into the pool {he stood on the steps for 2 bucks}. :)
And, as this post publishes, it's climbing out of the 30's and we're wearing sweaters and heavy winter coats. We just can't win with the weather where we live. Oh well, I'll take what I can get...
P.S. Happy March to you readers! Can you believe it?!

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