hello monday {6} what we did on spring break {with pictures}: part 2

Part 1 is HERE. Make sure to read it! 

So...we left off on Thursday, right? Yes, we did, SA. Thursday are crazy busy, and if you're a follower {and have been for awhile} you know that I don't normally blog in Thursday, save for a few Thursday afternoons when I've had time to relax and fall asleep. ;) CBS is a big part of that, but I have a post in the works all about what in the world CBS is and why I'm so tired when I get home. For now, I'll leave you hanging with a few pictures...

 Friday wasn't any different than any other Friday, really. Chemistry co-op and a trip to the Coffee Shack made it a day to remember, though {go HERE and HERE to see what a normal Friday afternoon looks like}.
But Saturday, oh Saturday. It was awesome. We slept in, had pancakes, worked on various projects, showered, and headed out to the Refuge with the Furlough gang! That place is awesome, and I can't wait to go again in the summertime!!

 {the logo of the Refuge}

 {there are 2 lakes on the property, and supposedly you can canoe in 1 of them. i can't wait to try it}

{there was a HUGE b-ball court, along with Four Square and bikes galore}

{the boys, minus Nate}

{lake bokeh!!}

After 2 hrs. of walking non stop, we sat around in our cars eating trail mix and granola bars. It was such a great time, and I seriously can't wait to go again!! Thanks for inviting us, Furloughs!
Although we did all these things pictured in the past 2 posts, we did so much more that WASN'T pictured like watching riduculous amounts of Netflix {old Grey's Anatomy and other fun family movies}, playing Scrabble tournaments, soaking up the rays in the lounge chairs, and Wii bowling. I seriously love the time we had as a family, because the next few weekends are going to be so, so, so busy.

Happy Friday, readers! Make sure to come back tomorrow to see all the projects we accomplished on Spring Break as well {nope, we didn't play all week long like it looked like}.

P.S. I've noticed that today is the Bloggers Day of Silence for Japan, and, as you can see, I'm not participating. I honestly didn't feel lead to do a day of silence, although I think the tragedy in Japan is horrible and so many lives were taken that didn't need to be taken. BUT! God's awesome power is shining through this. Let's remember that, okay?

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