historical ball 2011 {getting ready}

Ya'll, this is a warning: the Historical Ball 2011 is going to be split up into 3 post. Yes, 3 posts. I have a guessemination that I took over 200 pictures, and half of them aren't really blog worthy because, let's face it...I'm no Linsday and stink at taking low lighting pictures. That's still 100 pictures to share, and that's a lot by anyone's standards. So, there's going to be 3 parts to share said 100 pictures. 

Saturday was a whirlwind day, let me tell you. A 7:45AM alarm wasn't the exact way I like to wake up on a Saturday, but it was totally neccesary because I barely had enough time to sit and eat breakfast with the family, gather last minute things for getting ready, and take a shower. BUT. It was totally worth it!! 

After I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off, we hopped in the car and took off for the dancing workshop offered for the 1st timers. It's helpful to have people who have come to the ball before and danced many of the dances, so Clark and I decided to come to the workshop. Afterwards, though, was the fun: Clark and I went back to the Nichols house to get ready!! 

Lunch was inhaled and we set off to do the daunting task of getting 3 girls ready all while doing last minute things for the ball. Like, literally, the last minute.I was so honored to get ready with these ladies, and, for some odd reason, I was really really really excited about it to have Katie to my makeup. Thanks for putting up with me, friends {I was so stubborn about wearing the makeup since I've never worn anything more than mascara}. 

On with the pictures, shall we?

Side note: I am totally proud of getting this set of shots. No particular reason why, but I happen to think they're awesome...:)

Masacra, my best friend...

After Katie had done MY makeup {along with Emily's and her own}, I went to slip on my dress. Why? Because I was so excited I didn't even think about wearing a button-down shirt that would easily come off without slipping it over my head and hair. Duh, SA.

On to the hair!! This was, by far, the longest part of getting ready. 45 mins EACH on the piano bench, watching the boys walk around and around, commenting on Katie's progress. And I'm pretty sure that we were walking around at the ball with a cloud of hairspray trailing us. My hair? Was crunchy.

I had 20+ bobby pins in my hair. Crazy.

Emily's finished product...

...And mine!! Love love love it!! Thanks a million, Katie!

After putting on the last finishing touches and running through the rain to get to the car, we arrived...finally, right? Next up is the ball itself, then a whole post about all the portrait shots we took. Yeah... ;)

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