in T-minus 24 hrs {or less}..

...the 6th Annual Historical Ball will begin!!

::commence jumping up and down and insert squealing like a little girl in 10 octaves higher than i normally scream, thus shattering every glass object within a 5 yard radius::

{just a sneak peek of my dress. i'm such a tease and don't want to show you until after the ball}

This morning we helped the ball committee with the set up, which was mainly setting up tables and chairs {along with chairs along the walls}, the food station, and hanging icicles lights on PVC pipes. After I went to chemistry {boo hiss} I came back and helped put the finishing touches on the room, such as picking up tulle and helping store the leftover decor in the storage rooms. Once we finished at the church, we went to shop for the food, then dropped it back off at the church to store in the fridge. And now we're finally home!! ;)

Tomorrow promises to be a great day, with a dance workshop/refresher course in the morning and the actual ball later that night. It's going to be great!! I'm also pretty excited go back home with the Nichols' to get ready with Emily and Katie

I'll be a little MIA from blogging and commenting this weekend, but look for my scheduled Favorite Things Friday + Saturday Shopping post. It was inspired by the beautiful color of my dress...

Have a great weekend, readers!!

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