historcial ball {the portraits}

Note: I was going to save this post as part 3, but I've teased my readers WAY too much with little snippets of the dress HERE and HERE, so...forgive me? :)

After running through the rain and arriving at the church cold, wet, and slightly hungry, we helped bring food in, light lanterns and plugged in the lights. A tradition for the Nichols is to take pictures in the beautiful parlor area before all the other attendees arrive, so this year {since we were with them and all}, Clark and I got to have our pictures taken as well! Score!

The following pictures are in any order, which bugs me and my OCD habits to no end, but it was a free for all. Whoever was available to have their picture taken HAD their picture taken. Simple as that...

Clark and I:

 And proof that Clark is a wacko... ;)

My handsome little bro looking, well...handsome!

Dad's FB comment for this one? Lyons. Clark Lyons. Licensed to make you laugh.

 Apparently I only got ONE shot of the fellow's in their best attire. Sad face.

The girls...

Sisterly love!

The gorgeous Emily herself...

And the gorgeous Katie herself!

Sibling love {as if you couldn't tell they're related. ;)}...

 Miss Michele asked us to grab a couple pictures of Becca and Luke...and they were HILA-ROUS. Like bro, like sis.

And finally...the 2 photographers had their pictures taken...


Phew, 2 posts down, 1 to go! Next up is pictures of the actual ball, readers. :)

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