wol acts {1.20.13}

After a longgg weekend of work, school, and Regeneration promo sthuff, we had a great time at ACTS. It was at Mr. Curtis & Mrs. Tina's house, and let me say they are the coolest grandparents ever. I had such a good time, I only took ONE picture (worth sharing, that is)...but it sums up ACTS pretty dang well.

Fellowship. Sitting surrounded by your friends. Flashing peace signs (Kelly & I are sassy, wanna-be gangster like that). God has blessed me with the bestest youth group ever. I love it there and will probably never leave (and you think I'm kidding...) because of the amazing things I learn about God. And ACTS.

Now, before you think I brought my camera out into the teenage world and only took one picture...that's not true. Jack took my camera and started snapping, and I happened to be in some of them. But I'm saving those beautiful (SARCASM) photos for later this week.

Stay tuned, readers.

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