open mic night @ the Coffee Shack {1.28.12}

These friends of mine are going to be those friends that stay with you. Kaley's already proven that...we've been friends since 5. Her and Conner have been tight for a couple years now, and through her I've gained a great brother in Christ. We even live relatively near each other, so I see him coming over for tons of pool days this summer. And Rachel. Oh Rachel. We bonded over the same EVERYTHING (preferences, viewpoints, and song choices) camp week and we've remained soulmates ever since. She and Conner are god-siblings for pete's sake, so they are super close. We're just one big, happy WOL family and I love all these people to death!

L to R:  Conner, Kaley, me, and Rachel
Best friends!

Best friends help each other on Logo Quiz while waiting for Open Mic. 

Even our feet are best friends. 
Speaking of best friends, let me brag about my Rachel. She would do anything for me and I'd do the same for her (even though I probably don't let her know that). If a day goes by where we don't talk, somethings up and we frantically text each other. We can barely go a week without seeing each other, and go on dates just about that often. I pour my heart out to her and she makes me smile through the tears. She's the sister I never had, my soulmate. I already said that didn't I? I just love her so flippin' much!
Self timer for the win!

I braid her hair whenever we're together since I can't do it on mine. 

She is so gorgeous I can't even handle it! 

Basically us.

Oh yeah, and there was singing. I mean, duh. It was Open Mic Night. Conner was AWESOME.

No better way to spend a Monday night than at your favorite coffee shop with your favorite friends. Am I right?! Yes. Yes I am. 

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