emily & SA's photo challenge

I claim to have photography as a hobby, but guys. I haven't picked up my camera for fun in ages. Even my family has commented on how I don't take as many pictures anymore. There are barely any pictures documenting the past couple months, and the few that I do have are just that: documentation. No fun angles, no candid expression, just pictures  Blame it on the weather, blame it on the fact that I leave the house when it's dark and sometimes return when the sun is setting, blame it on whatever you want. Fact is: I've been a lazy photographer.

But not today. Emily lived up to her blogging best friend status and inspired me to just take pictures. They aren't perfect, and they basically document my little homeschooler, working-girl life but they are real life and that's what I strive for. So today, when I got home, I carried my camera around with me and just had fun and captured my life. These are raw, unedited, and unfiltered glances into my everyday life. Enjoy.

I roll outta bed and this is the first thing I do in the morning. Bleh.
I also get up early to do this stuff. Bleh again.

I lay out my clothes for the day the night before cause I'm a grown up like that. Also? I love that yellow chair.
A beautiful, warm, sunny day turned cloudy and cool but it was still beautiful. 
Our two barns. 

Thank you, God for gorgeous skies. They make everything seem OK for a little while.

Free employee meal, yo. Gotta love those CFA nuggets.

Chores for the day include cleaning up the kitchen and helping with CBS stuff (we start back tomorrow!)
She's just so cute I can't believe it! 

I love her just a little bit. OK a lot I'm flippin' kissing her for pete's sake.

She's biting his hand despite his face. We're working on that.
A cup of tea is a nightly thing now. 
Movies with my boys. First was Cheaper by the Dozen, second was Iron Man 2.
A huge shout-out to my girl Emily...she is the best and I just love her so much! Can you believe that we've never met but we are so close and have helped each other through many a hard time just by texting each other from time to time? Believe it cause its true.

I hope you've had a great week readers and have big plans for the rest of the week...and that you have such an awesome blogging friend as I do.


  1. Hey, just popped over from Emily’s blog! (Actually, I did earlier but you hadn’t posted yet.) Fun post!

  2. Yay! What fun for you and Emily to do this!!! And by the way, isn't it about time for you to plan a trip to meet Emily? (And...uh...because I live so close to her, you'll just have to meet up with me, too.) ;-)

    Your cat is so cute that if I weren't allergic to cats, I might be tempted... ;-)

  3. Guuuurl!!! I know we already talked about this, but me being the terrible friend I am, I haven't even commented on this post!!! I absolutely ADORE it!!! I am so blessed to have you as my friend, and I am so glad we could do this together! Thank you for helping me to get out of a photography rut... I'm so glad we can inspire each other :)