sunshine-y day

Remember the ice storm we had not 5 days ago?

Nah, neither do I.

Why? Just look at those pictures below...


{my IG captions}

left: no big deal...just spent the afternoon doing schoolwork by the pool and 
reading City of Bones on the rooftop right outside my window. Perks of living in a 100 yr old house.
#lovedtheweathertoday #caneveryJanuarydaybelikethis? #pleaseandthankyou

right: finally captured one of those "sunburst behind the head" selfies. I feel like a legit Instagrammer now. #nailedit

ICE STORM?! What ice storm?! It was 70 degrees today, thus the barefeet and cuffed jeans. I spent the day outside whenever possible, opening windows all over the house, and even doing a little spring cleaning. Spring, COME SOON. Preferably before the weekend so we can avoid the sub freezing temperatures again. Kthanksbye.

Happy Tuesday readers!

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