CBS: first day back {1.10.13}

The first day of the 2013 CBS year was today. Ya'll, this place is like my second home. I just feel so comfortable walking these hallways and being with "my" kids. I was once a CBS kid and now I have the privilege to watch these kids grow in the Lord. It's so beautiful. Anddd end SA's sappy paragraph...

Even though most of them weren't there today (the flu is going around Gvegas and it is wiping out households one by one...we had a mild case over Christmas break), I still had an amazing time with the ones that were there. We learned about Jesus as a young boy, hammered some wood pegs into a styrofoam block (since Jesus was a carpenter and all that), and had a flippin' awesome time playing with the parachute (it's infamous for producing the most adorable giggles from the preschoolers and today was no exception).

Happy Thursday, readers!

Pea ess: Sorry for another all Instagram post...I accidently left my SD card at home. Thus, no SLR pictures, and only 2 IG pictures because my phone battery was dying too. Bad photographer alert. I'll do better, promise!

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