happy birthday Kaley!

The picture from TI Night I framed for her birthday present...the best picture of us EVER.

I love you so much, sweet friend! You have stuck with me through my shy (that's an understatement) phase, my bookworm and glasses phase, and so much more. You know things about me that no one else does simply because we go way back. Weren't we JUST in our church's childrens Christmas preformance and dreaming about the day when we were old enough to help decorate it?! Yep, pretty sure it was yesterday. But then again it wasn't because you turned 18 on Thursday! Say what?!

Even though we don't talk every day or hang out nearly as often as we should, we pick up right where we left off. You are an amazing young woman of God and never fail to bring me back to God in our heart to hearts. I so admire that about you...just as much as I admire your purple room, awesome sense of style, and your obsession with monkeys. I love you Kaley Michelle!


This girl knows how to have a party. She threw a great one on Saturday night. It involved burgers (I was stoked about that fact alone...BEEF) & smores, a flippin' AWESOME bonfire, and glowsticks. And there may or may not have been a Just Dance battle and I may or may not have shaken my little bootay. You had to be there.

Blurry, yes. But IT WAS SO COOL.

FIREEE. Nothing is better than a roaring bonfire, amen? Amen.
The birthday girl herself (with her awesome new Canon T3)! <3 

Jack's method to not burn his face off was to wrap a scarf around his head. Silly head.

Singing around the campfire. LOVE.

Back inside for food & plenty of glowstick fun. 

What a stud. He rocked those glowsticks.

There are plenty of other non-blog worthy (aka so blurry you can't really tell who is in them) photos from the night, but not nearly enough of them because my battery died. But that was OK, I have plenty of blackmail photos on my good ol' phone. My camera battery dying was actually a good thing because I able to goof off and be a teenager, unlike most days.

Thanks for the great time, Kaley-girl!

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