almost wordless wednesday {me & my friends}

When I step behind the camera to be in a picture with you, you've gotta know one thing: it's because I love you very much to take my picture with you. I'd much rather be behind the camera, oooh and ahhh-ing over YOUR gorgeous, then being awkward and messing up the picture. And if you're the one I gave my camera too, dang I trust you a lot with my baby.

So apparently, I love my tall, dark, and handsome little brother Clark, Gracie-girl, and my soulmate Rachie VERY much cause I let Jack steal my camera to take pictures of us.

We're not related. We look nothing alike. We don't love each other the least bit. HAHAHA.

This beautiful girl whom I don't get to see NEARLY often enough.

Apparently, I love Rachel a lot...Jack took way more than three pictures of us but most of them are of us a0 staring into each others eyes and sharing secret best friend looks or b) me laughing cause I did something silly.

Basically us...Rachel being kick-butt and fierce and me being a goofball. 

So there ya go. Actual pictures of me on MY blog. Craziness, right? Don't worry, things will go back to normal and I'll start posting OTHER peoples pictures on here soon.


  1. Ok, I'm pretty sure the last time I was on your blog, your little brother was not taller than you.
    My blogger's messed up and doesn't show me all the blogs I follow all the time - so annoying!
    Anyway, hope you're doing well!

    I'm going to have to see if I can get blogger to fix it...