snow {1.25.13}

 True to ENC's nature, we've had quite the winter. Wearing shorts and a t-shirt one week, and temps dipping into the teens the next. This was no exception. IT SNOWED TODAY. My NC upbringing has trained me to freak out a little bit about that. We just don't see snow around here!

Really, it was barely a dusting and I wasn't even able to get true pictures of it because wouldn't ya know it happened on at work. On a Friday, during lunch rush. We were slammed cause of the early release for the winter weather so we ran out of chicken. Stressful, because we got behind, but awesome because we got a break to watch the flakes stick to the cars.

As soon I got home, I ran outside to take pictures of before it was covered in ice. Well, what was left of it.

My little ol' station wagon was covered.

Yep, this snowfall needed THIS many pictures of it. Cause again, we don't see snow. I can count on both hands how many times I've seen snow since I was born. It's enough to get me dreaming about the winter wonderland that some people get to live in.

Then reality kicks in and it freezes over and makes it dangerous to drive to work, like I have to do tomorrow. So the snow loses its charm and I just wish it was all gone and my tan was back. SUMMER FOREVER BABY.

Happy semi-snow day, readers! Did you get any summer in your area?


  1. This actually makes me laugh. I live in Northern Idaho and we get SO. MUCH. SNOW. Normally we get several feet at a time and it sticks around until late April. One time it even snowed it June. That was probably not my favorite day, haha!

    And sorry about this totally random comment. I found your blog and I felt so bad that your beautiful blog had no comments! Your pictures are awesome by the way!

  2. I agree: snow days NEED lots of pictures. :)

    I especially like the one you took of the bird in the tree (bush?). So pretty! :)