how I spent my Friday nights...

Like my caption on IG said, this is how I spend my Friday nights: winterizing ol' SSA #hardcoreblogger.

Sooo. Whaddya think? It's simple and blue and basically all my hope of a snowfall this year all wrapped up in a blog design. Loving it. As soon as I step behind the camera I'll have a new profile picture

Heres to snow and hot cocoa and nightly fires and all the good things about winter which isn't a whole lot but still. YAY GOOD THINGS ABOUT WINTER!

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  1. I love blue and I like snowflakes, so I think the new design is lovely! :) I am looking forward to your new picture though. :)

    And...ahem...did you or did you not have a challenge with Emily today? I'm waiting... *fingers drumming impatiently*