NYE 2012

Maybe I've mentioned this on the blog before and maybe I haven't (I'm thinking the latter), but for 4 years now we've had a huge birthday bash for Quinn/family reunion for Dad's side of family/NYE PARTAY. And guys, it is SO MUCH FUN. We have made so many great family memories and last year we introduced the NYE challenge. More about that later though. Something happened before the Challenge that must be noted.

The big huge amazing awesome totally cool thing that happened this year was Quinn turned ten, and was allowed to get her ears pierced...and I turned the fun age of 17 six months before and finally convinced my parents to let me get my second holes! We were both so excited, lemme tell ya. We got up super early on NYE to make it to Fuquay so us girls (all dressed in purple because if we wanted to go with Quinn, we had to wear purple) could all go. It was totally worth the 6AM wake up call...I'm ready for my third holes.

Last picture before her earrings!

One ear down, one to go!

All done!
And then it was my turn and honestly, the lady marking where to put earring was more painful than the thing they use to shoot the earring in.
Typical SA face. I was just so excited. 

Cousin love! 
Back to the house for the BYE Challenge. Basically, we all forget we're family and trash talk and whoop some behinds in some crazy challenges and the most awesome of them all: the scavenger hunt through FV. This year we had a books of the Bible challenge, foosball tournament, an insanely long Wheel of Fortune game on the Wii, pretzel stack and Catch Phrase since it was too dark for the scavenger hunt (SUPER SAD FACE). That was only a third of them, but those were the only ones I took pictures of since I was the most intense competitor ever. Sike. I just enjoyed being in the audience and losing at everything I played.

Gran Jan gave my team their only win...yeah Gran Jan!

Things got stressful & intense at the end.
In the end, Aunt Ann Marie, Clark, and Uncle Terry won with GTM (Garrison, Uncle Tyler, and Mom) and Locked 'n' Loaded (Brock, Aunt Michelle, and Dad) tying for second. Girl Power, which was Quinn, Gran Jan, and I came in last but we probably had the most fun just playing.
Such a beautiful board.
After the victors celebrated with awesome fleece blankets, we remembered we were family and decided to love on the birthday girl. See?

Two of my favorite ladies ever.

We killed time until midnight by playing Telestrations and the annual game of Bunco. Basically, we tried not to fall asleep so we were really loud and made up silly drawings like a crack pipe and yelled FUNCO! all.the.time to confuse people. I love my family. 

By the time we finished all the games, it was almost midnight so we turned the TV on to watch the ball drop. We (barely) made it, but we survived to give NYE kisses (OK, just the parents) and then went our separate ways to sleep until 10AM, in my case. We left not much after I woke up with faces that hurt from laughing so hard and a heart full of great memories that'll have to compete with next years memories we're already looking forward to.

How was your NYE, readers?

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