the simple woman's daybook for march 1st

New month means a new Simple Woman's Daybook, so read on for the fourth installment of the Simple Woman's Daybook!

For today...March 1st, 2010. You know that saying that supposedly applies to the month of March "In like a lion, out like a lamb..."? It seems as though it's been reversed, because today was beautiful, although a little windy.
Outside my window...The sun just set. It's definitely setting later than it has been, which means spring will be here soon!
I am thinking...About the Challenge that starts tomorrow. I can't wait to see who participates!
I am thankful for...Days like today. Just doing school at my own pace, even if I did get finished just before I started to write this post.
From the learning rooms...School, school, school. Thankfully this is an easy week, nothing too hard in the lesson plans later on.
From the kitchen...I think I'm in charge of supper, so I better finish this post and start making it. Black bean burgers coming right up!
I am wearing...Well, since it's my last day wearing pants, more specifically jeans, I'm wearing my skinny jeans with my favorite plain gray long-sleeved shirt from Old Navy. And, of course, socks and a headband complete the look.
I am creating...this blog post! Wait, I already used that excuse. I need to create something because I'm smothering my inner artist.
I am going...to be home most of the week, just venturing out for both women's and teen's CBS, then Biology Co-op on Friday. Oh yeah, throw baby-sitting for a new family in between CBS and you've got my typical Thursday! Busy, huh?
I am reading...Well, since I finally finished Just Give Me Jesus, I'm searching for a good book for school. I'm open to any suggestions.
I am hoping...to kick this cold/unknown illness that keeps coming back. I feel like those snotty-nosed kids I baby-sit for. No offense, little ones, but I probably got it from you!
I am hearing...the TV, more specifically the weather. I tell you what, if we get any more snow, we may never be the same again. One can only last on milk and bread for so long...
Around the house...Not much. We like to just hang around as a family on weeknights. And weekends, as if there's anything to do around here.
One of my favorite things...Blogging. Seriously, I love it.
A few plans for the rest of the week...Again, not much in the early part of the week, but the last two days of the work week are packed!
Here is a picture for thought I am sharing...No time! Plus, you'll see alot more pics on the blog starting tomorrow, so be patient with me. Not that you aren't, seeing as I can't post for a week at a time...

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