ff challenge day 6

The next to last day of the Challenge, ladies! You all know how I feel about it from yesterday's post, but today was different. Putting on a little more dressier dress than the ones I've been wearing, matching jewelry that I bought specifically to wear with it, and warmer temps all contributed to help put me in a better mood. And it's only supposed to get warmer here, so by the end of the week I should be overflowing with happiness! :)
On to Day 5's outfit...

I took these pictures outside when we got home from church, and I must say it felt sooo good to be out with the sun shining down on my face while Clark took these.
Day 5 outfit specifics:
Dress: On the clearance rack at Target. I can't remember the exact price, but I want to say it was somewhere around $10 or $15.
Jewelry: Also from Target. It wasn't on sale, but I never buy jewelry so I thought I'd splurge a little bit and buy something pretty to match my dress. I ended up wearing all of it on Easter, which is why I now call it my Easter dress whenever Mama asks me what I'm wearing, like she did today. And, amazingly, it still fits after almost a year!
Hair: I had high hopes of curling it, but there was no time, so I just did what I usually do. Blow dried and pinned my bangs back with a bobby pin.
My tights and sweater came off on the way home and shoes were thrown across the yard in hopes of going barefoot this afternoon. And I did, but only for a little while. Dead grass hurts when you step on it.
I always change when I get home from church, usually into jeans and a t-shirt, but I obviously didn't do the jeans part. I slipped on this...
To show my support for the ECU baseball tournament that was being played this afternoon. I'm not sure if they won, but I don't care. Once a Pirate, always a Pirate!
For those of you who like details, I'm posting the specifics for you.
Day 6, part 2 outfit specifics...
Shirt: Dad bought it for me, so I'm not sure about the price. As you can see, a Pirate. Argh!
Tank Top: Same thing I wore yesterday. Just your average plain white tank top.
Skirt: Same one I've been wearing. I promise I'll wear a different one tomorrow, but, to tell you the truth, I'm more of a dress kind of girl, if I have the choice.
Shoes: Brown flip flops from K-mart that have lasted for 3 years. I guess my feet aren't getting any bigger, and that's fine with me.
Mcklinky time!

Come on back tomorrow to see my final outfit for the Challenge!

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