ff challenge day 5

More than half-way to the end, ladies! I'm a little sad, but I'm also a little happy to see the end in sight. I'm a jeans kind of person, especially in the winter, but if you see me in the summer, I'm more than likely to have on my bathing suit (since we have a pool in the backyard) or a dress/skirt. I think the main thing that is turning me off about finishing out the week is the cold. I think it turned out to be the coldest week we've had in a long time and the Challenge just happened to fall on that week. But warmer temps are in sight for the next couple days, weeks even, and I keep reminding myself that it won't be this cold forever and I will be nice and warm in my dresses come this spring! With that being said, here's my outfit for day 5...
Day 5 outfit specifics:
Shirt: Same price, same sale even, as the first day's top. $4, I think it was. Like I said, when Old Navy has a sale, they have a sale! I also have a white tank top under it for added warmth. It was $5 at Target.
Skirt: Again, same one from Day 1. I forgot to mention this, but it was actually a full length skirt, like down to your ankles, but Emily cut some material off and hemmed it for me since I'm not a fan of long skirts.
Jewelry: Just my college cross necklace. I told you I wear it all the time.
Hair: Blow dryed (I do it every day!), semi parted and pulled back in a ponytail since today was cleaning day. I'm actually pleased with how it turned out.
We made a quick trip into town so I pulled on some black knee high socks and my black flats, which are all I have, but pulled them off as soon as I got home.
And I just had to put this picture in...
Even though my eyes are closed, I think it's a great picture because it sums up how I spend the winter: right next to the fire with a smile on my face. Ask anyone who comes to our house and they'll tell you they get all excited when they pull up the driveway and see the smoke curling out of the chimney. It's one of the perks about living where we do.
Link up so I can see your pretty outfits, ladies! And don't think just that you can link up; spread the comment love and share a shout out with me because I'd love to hear form you and know that I'm not the only one struggling with whether to break the Challenge and slip on a pair of jeans in the morning. But if I am, don't worry, I'm used to being the odd one out of the bunch, or however that saying goes!

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