historical ball 2010

If you read my Daybook entry for March 10th, you know that we had our annual Historical Ball this weekend. While I didn't get any pictures of all the fun times and memories we made, Emily snapped a ton of pictures and posted a lot of them on her blog. Go HERE to look at the actual post and see if you can spot some people you've seen on this blog. Which, of course, are me and Clark.
Also, go HERE to see the pictures our local newspaper snapped that night. It was our first year that we had media coverage and the photographer they sent did a really great job, in my opinion. He even spelled my name right, but I did spell it out for him. I guess no one spells their name with a "h" on the end of Sarah and an "e" on the end of Anne anymore. But that's fine, I like to think of myself as an individual anyway, and this just is proving my point even further.
All in all, it was a great time had by all. I think I danced every dance, and played the part of the guy dancer often, might I add! The best part of the night was when Anna (the one in the green dress in the group photo.) said I made a very beautiful man. :D The look her partner for the dance gave her was priceless, and that was the one time I wished that I had my camera on me. She meant it as a compliment, but it was still hilarious.

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