ff challenge day 2

Today was another day at home, so the main thing I dressed for was warmth, because, wonder of wonders, it snowed again!! But enough about the snow. I mean, it is March, after all.
Dad took the pictures today, and it was a much more pleasant experience. Here's a full length one...
And one sitting down. I'm not sure what my facisnation is with pictures of me sitting down...

The outfit specifics:
Dress: Half off at Target, my favorite store ever. I actually had to go get it out of Mom's closet because I think it's her favorite thing to wear. This was my first time wearing it. True story.
Shirt: A black tank top from Steve and Barry's that I got when they went out of business. Anything you could stuff in a bag, you got for, like, $5 maybe? Great deal if you ask me!
Tights: Also from Target, plus they were super cheap. Like, $4 or something. Since I wear them all the time, I have definitely gotten my money's worth.
Jewelry: Just my little silver cross on a chain. Dad found it on the floor where he teaches and when no one claimed it, he brought it home for me! Everyone together now...Awww! :)
Hair: Blow dryed and pulled back with a black headband, because like yesterday, alot of reading for school required me to keep my hair out of my face.
Head up's for tomorrow post! Since I will not be home tomorrow, I'm scheduling a post for you guys to link up to. I'll post both Day 3 and 4 on Friday, hopefully!


  1. Very darling, love the color!


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