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**UPDATE** I just realized that I didn't give you guys a link, so go HERE to enter. And, just a reminder, make sure you say that Sarah-Anne sent you, because, if you don't, I don't think you'll be entered, and that would be horrible!
I read about this giveaway on Em's blog, and I must say, it's the mother of all giveaways, especially if you're a baker. Or even a mashed potatoes kind of person, because it makes the best, most fluffy and light mashed potatoes. Am I making you hungry yet? 
Without further ado, I give you...

THE KITCHEN-AID MIXER!! A pink one, no less. Since my family already has one, if I won I'd consider putting it in my hope chest, but I might just have to put it on display in my room. Actually, on second thought, I'd think I'd just put it in my hope chest. Anyways, this is an upgraded version of our's, a handle on the bowl isn't a feature on the old one we have, so, if you won, you'd have a latest version of the Mixer.
Here's an excerpt from the original blog post from the person who's actually giving it away...

Want to know how to win??
Of course you do….
Friends.  You need them.
Here’s how this giveaway id going to work.  The more friends you have, the more chances you have to win. Yes, really. That’s how it’s going to work!
First things first, LEAVE a COMMENT AFTER you have either TWEETED this Giveaway or POSTED it to your Facebook Page.  Heck you can even POST it on your own website if you want, but only leave me ONE COMMENT saying which you did. Yes, you can comment “Hey, I Tweeted, I FB’ed, I posted.” Cool – that’s fine. But ONE COMMENT ONLY.
Here’s where the friend part comes in to play…
When you tweet, or Facebook, or Post, make sure you tell your readers to MENTION YOU when they come here.  For example, let’s say you are SpongeBob and you Facebook everyone you know.  Try something like this:
“I just entered to win a KitchenAid Mixer at www.doughmesstic.com – but I need YOUR help. Go check out the giveaway yourself, Comment to win, but mention that “SpongeBob” sent you.”   Say anything you like. Beg. Plead. Just get them OVER HERE and have them comment that YOU sent them. 
Why?  Because if THAT comment is randomly chosen as the winner, BOTH of you win a KitchenAid Mixer.  BOTH OF YOU! I’ll even let each of you pick the color of your choice!  That means you could have hundreds,nay, thousands of chances to win. It just depends on how many of your friends you can get to enter!  Of course, they too can repost the info on their own page, and thus invite even more folks over to the giveaway. It’s a WIN-WIN for everyone. Call your Aunt Lucy and tell her to enter. Email your college roommates from 1996. The more friends, the better your chances. Make sense?
You may be wondering, what happens if the random winner comment is one of the comments that only says something like “I Tweeted..” – Still great news for you…YOU get to choose a friend to give the other mixer to!  it just needs to be someone who commented and listed YOU as the referral.
Biggest RULE of the game – you MUST either FOLLOW me on Twitter OR be a FaceBook Fan. One or the other.  And yes, I will be verifying once the winners are randomly selected. Sorry – that’s the way it is.  You may or may not know this, but it is wise to follow me AND Fan me…I give bonus entries on those sites!
Sorry folks abroad, this contest is only open to those with US Postal addresses. KitchenAid’s are heavy and cost a fortune to ship!  Plus, this giveaway is not sponsored by any one other than She’s Becoming DoughMessTic. Aren’t I the beesknees? No, really??
Contest ends precisely at MIDNITE on Tuesday, March 9th. Not one minute past.  Winners will be announced on Wednesday once winning entries are counted and verified. Good luck!!
A lot of rules, I know. I had to read it twice before I even considered entering, but the extra reading is worth it! And, as you read in the full list of rules, it is VERY IMPORTANT to say who's blog you are from. Read the whole "Spongebob is the friend who sent me over there" part of the post to make sure you understand it before you leave a comment. And for all you Twitters and FaceBook people, consider you're ol' friend Sarah-Anne when you get all those extra entries, will you? 
I know it's short notice, but most people's blogging time is at night. 

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