simple woman's daybook for march 10th

I opted out of posting this Simple Woman's Daybook entry on Monday for many reasons. Since I already had a Challenge post up, and I'm trying to get the hang of posting each day, I just decided to post it later on in the week, and the only other time I was going to be home during the day was today! Yeah, we have a full week, and it's not over yet...

For today...March 10th, 2010. We're already halfway through March??
Outside my window...The sun is gone!! All the glorious sun we had earlier in the week is gone, and rain is here to replace it.
I am thinking...I have a million thoughts running through my head right now, most of which are things I still have to do and I keep putting off until later. Nothing real important, but they do have to get done before the day has ended.
I am thankful for...Sunny days like we had the first half of the week. Since the sun is gone, I've noticed a change in everybody's mood, and it's not good. Thankfully, we can get out of the house and visit with friends for the rest of the week.
From the learning rooms...School, obviously. I was actually pretty productive today, and since we're not going to be home later on, I really needed to focus and get things done. I did, and now I'm actually getting to blog before supper!
From the kitchen...Black bean burgers are in the fridge waiting to be thrown in the skillet when Dad gets home and oven fries are roasting away in, where else, the oven! A quick and easy go-to meal when we've been doing school all day and haven't had the time to cook anything fancy.
I am wearing...Believe it or not, I'm already in my PJ's. A favorite pair from Aeropostale that I got for Christmas a couple years back were on top of my other clothes in the dresser, so I just grabbed them and threw them on.
I am creating...My inner artist is still smothered and I don't have any plans to let her out anytime soon, simply because I don't have time to be artistic, just practical. Sad, I know.
I am going...I'll answer that one in the "A few plans for the rest of the week..." question, because we have a tome of stuff planned, just the way I like. Because a girl can only last so long at home with a crazy person she calls her brother.
I am reading...I'm still studying Genesis and John, plus all the reading I have for school, so it's amazing that I find time to read. But I found a book that ties into my Genesis study, so, of course, I picked it up and started reading it, and it does not disappoint. It's shaping up to be one of the best books I've read.
I am hoping...to finish up this post quickly! How's that for a answer??
I am hearing...Mom talking on the phone and Clark in the shower. At least he's not singing. Oh yeah, and the cat ripping the blinds apart trying to look out the window at birds. Keep in mind that it's pitch black outside.
Around the house...Lots of things are going on, but I'm looking forward to the family time we'll have tonight before bed.
One of my favorite things...The sun. It's that simple.
A few plans for the rest of the week...Brace yourself, because this isn't going to be short and sweet. Here goes...
Thursday we have Women's CBS, then baby-sitting until 3 and meeting up with my aunt from Hendersonville, which is in the mountains, afterwards. My cousin from Washington is coming up to come with me to Teen CBS and spend the night to help us set up for the Historical Ball on Saturday. Friday morning is going to be full of prep for the Ball and finishing up fixing the food and stuff. Saturday is the big day!! Dance practice for the Ball in the morning and the actual Ball later that night. Sunday we have nursery duty, so pray that we sleep well on Saturday night, because we need all the sleep we can get.
A picture for thought I am sharing...

Oh, how I wish it would be sunny again...

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