ff challenge day 3 and 4

Pictures of day 3 and 4 of the Challenge coming right up! 

Day's 3's outfit specific's...
Dress: Again, half off at Target. It was my splurge for the winter because, originally, it was $60! I couldn't even imagine spending that much on one thing of clothing, but since it was an online only item that someone decided to return, they marked it on clearance for half off. I have definitely gotten my money's worth because I wear it all the time for church.
Tights: Well, they're really knee high socks. And they're Mom's. 
Jewelry: Just my college cross necklace. I always, always wear it, no matter what.
Shoes: I'm finally wearing shoes! Just some black flats I found at JCPenny's for $6! Of course they were on sale.
Hair: I originally had it in a French braid, but my hair has a mind of it's own and was falling out by lunch time. I tried to smooth it back with some water, but I ended up taking it out. I liked the end result though, wavy and nice and full.
Here's today's outfit, and I have no idea how the pictures ended up side by side, but I like it!

Day 4's outfit specifics...
Dress: I like to call it the Safari dress, because, I don't know. The pockets are what makes me think that, plus the rolled up sleeves are helping the illusion. It's not the warmest thing in the world, but if I kept my socks pulled up, I was okay. And it's no surprise where I got it, plus how discounted it was. That's right, at Target and it was half off. $14 dollars, I think.
Tights: Again, knee highs, which are Mom's, but they're a little different from the last pair. They have some sort of texture to them, which is supposedly in right now. Not that I'm real concerned about keeping up with
Jewelry: My college cross necklace.
Shoes: Same as yesterday.
Hair: Blow dryed, parted, and pulled back with a black headband to keep it out of my face for my dissection at Biology Co-op this afternoon.
Here's the Mcklinky to link up with your Day 4 outfits...


  1. Looking great! You have some cute dresses! Target can be so great I've got some nice blouses from there. :)
    I know it's late but I've really been wanting to do this challenge so I'm going to join in for the last couple days if that's okay. Then I'll continue on my own. I'll be doing the challenge with my sister (age 13) from Sunday to Sunday (March 7th-14th). I hope it's alright that I join and add my links in. Thanks!

    In Christ,
    Old-Fashioned Charm

  2. That's totally fine, Laurie! I'm glad starting the Challenge late is stopping you from doing it all together. I'm afraid some ppl have decided to not do the Challenge for that exact reason.