ff challenge day 7

Last day of the Challenge!! I'm both happy and sad, but I'm not going to elaborate because I will post an Q&A about the whole thing sometime this week. Feel free to post about your thoughts by answering these questions on the Challenge's page over at Feelin' Feminine, whether it's your first time or not.
On the the good stuff; the pictures, of course!!
Day 7's outfit specifics:
Shirt: Hand me down from my cousin, Sam. Hi Sam! It's made of this super stretchy material, and well, I can't really explain it.
Tank top: Same ol' white one from Target that I always wear. I think it's just about the only tank top I own. I will change that next time we make a trek into town and go by Target, which I'm hoping to do soon. Same goes for Old Navy.
Skirt: Brand spanking new, guys! Originally it was $26, but it was on sale for $16 and with a $10 off coupon, it was an awesome deal. And it's definitely one of my new faves. Perfect for twirling.
No shoes today because I couldn't find them. I know, I'm lazy, but I really don't know where I left them last. Plus, they weren't anything new, just the same pair I wore yesterday.
Hair: Blow dried, parted and pulled back with a headband, this time a clear one. I didn't do so well on the different hairstyles each day of the week thing, did I?
Jewelry: College cross tucked in my shirt.
And that's it! One last Mcklinky...

...and we are done with the Challenge. I can't wait to see your last day's outfits, ladies!


  1. Your outfit is cute, I love the skirt so pretty!
    Thanks so much for hosting this challenge I'm enjoying it so much! :)

  2. Oh I love the skirt, Sarah! Thanks for hosting the challenge. It was lots of fun!