WOL girls lock-in {1.20-1.21}

Yesterday night, all the girls from WOL converged at Landmark to have one of the most epic sleepovers ever. Seriously. Camp was amazing, but this sleepover was wicked cool too.Thanks to all the WOL leader ladies (say that three times fast!) that planned the whole event...I will remember with a stupid grin on my face forever.

Before all the fun began, we wielded staple guns (scaryyy) and tacked up the from last year to get a head start on the decorating...

Funny story...we were arranging the verse so it read right but couldn't remember how it went so we just stared at it. Then Meg was like "OH! a Bible!" and picks it up. We laughed..it was awesome.

This was what it looked like before we ate...can't show ya the after without giving it away! 
Break for pizza & Dr. Pepper. Lauren ate a whole pizza. By herself. Everyone had a blast tallying up the slices as she ate.

Shiny metal chairs on the table...I couldn't resist.
Back to the decorating! We finished up the gym decor (no problem since we had lots of people helping. someone was on to something when they said "Many hands make light work.") and then went into the old kitchen to have our silhouettes drawn by the resident artists Emily & Rebecca.

After we finished with the decorating (around 9:30), we trekked upstairs to play Catch Phrase. Everyone played it a different way, but we found a style that worked for everyone...but Katie and I were ruthless on each other since we played the same way.

Note everyone's expressions. They are so diverse! 

So many cameras! I don't know how we heard each other over the sound of the shutter clicking.

Abbey and her Nikon. I still love her despite her camera company choice. 
Abbey and Emily. 

Lauren AKA the girl who ate EIGHT pieces of pizza.

PJ's were put on and then we gathered upstairs to split up into teams and play an AMAZING hour & a half of Sardines. In a dark church/gym. Best game of Sardines ever. I'm pretty sure there was snorting involved on my part because do you know how hard it is to sit under a conference room table on top of your friend's legs while she does a Hollywood-equse scream?! Unbelievably hard. It was even harder to control my laughter when we all started making animal noises after the billionth time the other teams ran past us.

Back upstairs for a midnight dance party!

There's Abbey again. She is such a natural photographer!

Talking. A requirement at a sleepover.
 I was deemed the Queen of the Cotton Eye Joe dance. OK, maybe that was only in my mind. But I totally was rockin' out to that, Glee, and various other artists. Everyone kinda dissipated and formed little groups to talk in (as evidenced below). Rebecca & I bonded over blinding each other with the flash on Katie's Droid.

At some point (1AM maybe?) we started the movie, Courageous, but Becca & I were oblivious to it all...only catching snippets of was totally worth talking with her. We only stopped talking because it was 3AM and the leaders were semi-threatening us. Hahaha. Good times.

Becca & I were the first ones up & sat in our sleeping bags trying to keep warm (it was freezing!) and talked for another hour, then ventured downstairs to stuff our faces with egg casserole and a fourth doughnut in 24 hours. I'm not proud of that fact but they were just SO good.

Again, thanks to all the leaders who made this happen...it was so awesome!


  1. Ahhh!! So fun! Great memories were made that night/ morning. I'm really glad I was able to go and spend time with some of my favorite WOL peeps.

    Also, girl. You are such a good photographer! Sometimes...I feel like I've been left in the dust because my pictures aren't that great. At least in my opinion. Haha.. I'm trying to wrap my sleepover post up tonight, but we'll see if it actually gets posted. Also, don't you just love how I keep making this comment longer...and longer...and longer. I don't think I've ever written a comment this long on your blog. :)

    P.S. "You know you love me..." Bahahaha! Leaving now!

  2. That girl ate 8 slices of pizza!?!?! Oh my. lol Looks like you had fun! :)

  3. That looks like SO much fun!!! I love huge group sleepovers :)

    Ok, so will you still love ME if I switch to Nikon????? :)

  4. Dude, I cannot wait until this year's sleepover! Stupid ice storm...