it's tebowww timeee!

photo credit Google Images. 
People. I'm a totall Tim Tebow freak. Yeah, he's a Christian and yeah, he had an amazing college football career and yes ::whispers:: he might pull off the rugged look just fine, but he wasn't doing so hot in the regular season. All that changed last week. If you missed it, Google it. It's amazing and we all were screaming at the radio/TV (some of us were in the car and some were at home).

Tonight's the night to see how Tebow leads the Broncos in the playoffs. It's gonna be hard; the Patriots are amazing. But the stage he's set himself up on to spread the Word of God will still be there no matter if they win or lose.

Come on, Tim. It's your time to shine. I'm wearing orange & navy blue PJ's rooting for you ;)