rainy days are good for...

...sleeping/taking naps. I had perfectly good intentions of taking a cat nap this afternoon because DUDE. Homegirl got 4 hours of blissfully dead-to-the-world sleep last night. The crazy part is I woke up all hyper & actually talked to people within 30 minutes of waking up. Your body does cra-zay things when you mess up your sleep schedule.

...sitting in the Coffee Shack. Technically, I was tagging along with Mama on a coffee date with one of her friends but I had a date with my laptop. It was amazing; we got reacquainted with the whole blogging thing.

...comfort food. From a doughnut for breakfast, a mocha frappe at the Coffee Shack, peanut butter sandwich & apples for lunch, AND a Dr. Pepper, I've had some of my favorite food today. Too bad it's not healthy or anything. Excuse me while I nom on carrot sticks to make up for those THREE donuts I had in 24 hrs.

That's my day in a nutshell: no sleep, food, and sitting in front of a glowing screen typing away. Glamorous, I know. Happy Saturday, readers!