how muchloveilly brightened my {gray} day

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The Christmas I received my second handmade headband from Emily, purchased from the one and only Ilene's shop, Much Love Illy. Seriously, I was SO thrilled when I opened the package I squealed. Or at least I did in that ol' mind of mine.

It is oh so comfy, and the elastic part of the headband NEVER gives me a headache like the el cheapo Walmart ones. Plus, it's just SO stylin'! I'm be remiss if I didn't mention just how many compliments I received on the headband alone. Everyone loved it!

So the gist of this post? Go buy a headband (or brooch! or poppy ring!) from Ilene. It'll make both hers and my day, I'm sure. And, in parting, I'd title this photo "Hey! I have no idea how to look cute in outfit posts. Help?!"
All photo credit goes to sweet Emmylou!

Happy Thursday, readers. I hope your day was not quite as awkward as that photo up there.


  1. You are too cute, girl! LOVE the headband.

  2. soooo cute! thanks for the sweet shoutout. :) love the boots, too!

  3. Love your outfit!m The boots + headband are some of my favorites about it!

  4. the outfit is so cute! that headband, i want now. seriolsy. i'm off to have a look at her shop : )