bullet {3 months}

As the title says, our sweet baby Bullet turned three months old today. Last Thursday, we marked a month since he came to live with us and turned our life upside down because DUDE. This dog is like a baby. It's been quiet here on the blog when it comes to the pup, so here's an update on our little bundle of black curly fur.

{1} I mean, look at him. He's cute, even though he looks like a cavemandog. Seriously. He's so hairy you can't see his eyes because of his beard, which has morphed in a Ryan Fitzpatrick type of thing. For the record, Bullet can totally pull of that look. The Bills QB? Not so much.

He's still jet black, which makes it hard to photograph him and get his (brown) eyes...thus no pictures of him. The only part that isn't black on him is his two back feet & a little white patch on his chest, which I'm fairly certain is common for schnauzers.

{2} He's pretty good with routine...feeding, doing his business, and playtime vs naptime. But he has trouble holding it at night the poor guy. We've washed his bed so much it's falling apart because he has NO problem sleeping in his own urine. Weirdo. Even though we wake him to take him out at 10 or so, his little puppy bladder just can't handle it so we have to (usually) take him out at six. In the morning. Thankfully that's not my job. I handle the daytime "business trips". I'm such a horrible reader of his signs...he peed down the air vent in the dining room because I was too busy staring at his cute little face. It was (and still is) flippin' hilarious; the look he gave me after he finished was priceless.

{3} He's aggressive. Not in a I'm-gonna-rip-your-arm-off-your-body-because-I'm-a-devil-dog kind of way, but he's testing his boundaries...trying to see how far he can go until you cry uncle. The biting has gotten better...we used a yelping technique where if he bite we screamed like a puppy in a litter would to stun him.Ever since we started, he's gotten SO much better...our arms thank us. Good thing it's winter & we can wear long sleeves to cover up our scarred forearms.

Yeahhh. We love him just a little bit ;)

**Update** Since I wrote this post, we've taken him to the vet for a regular check up. He hadn't been acting right (we just though he was constipated), but it was off & now. As in, he's be fine in the morning and really lethargic in the afternoon. Weird behavior for a puppy.

He had lost weight and was walking funny (ie falling over with he was trying to go to the bathroom because his stance was funny; he looked like a camel) so the doctor thinks there may be something more serious going on. A liver problem that presents as neuro? I was stunned and almost cried.

 Prayers are appreciated...as much as we love our little guy we just can't afford to spend all this extra money for something that might not even be there. We just want God to heal him & our sweet pup to be back to normal!


  1. SO cute! his fur looks like silk....

  2. Awww. So cute!!! Sorry to hear he isn't doing well... praying!

  3. He.is.so.adorable. Still praying for that cutie to be back to normal again. Bullet, you need to get better quickly. End of story. :)

  4. Oh my word... Bullet is sooooo cute!!!!! And he peed down the air vent??? I'm sorry, I'm pretty much dying of laughter!!!!! :) that picture of you and him is absolutely adorable!!!

  5. Oh my gosh!! SO CUTE!!!! :D I have always wanted a dog..We have a daschund..But i dont like him much :P
    Im sorry things are not going great :( Ill be praying for you both :( <3 ::hugs::