new year and all that.

Peoples. It's 2012. But I'm sure you already knew that. ::whispers:: Because...ya know, the world's supposed to end and everything?! Nahhh, I'm just teasing ya. I like to joke about the end of the world, remember?

If the world really IS gonna end this year, I want to do some stuff. Like, bungee jump and all that. Nope, kidding again. I hate heights. But I really do want to challenge myself in some areas of my life, so here's my list of things to do in 2011.

{1} Do a Project 365 blog. I know, how cliche of me. But really, I'm the person they had in mind when they invented P365; I go days without taking a picture then end up taking 100 over the weekend and photobomb my readers. Therefore, a picture a day is my solution. I think it's going to be so awesome to see not only my photo skills evolve, but see my year in pictures.

{2} Challenge myself in my youth group. Something you might not know about me since you're never met me IRL is that I'm deathly afraid of doing things in public. I hate doing sports when people other than my family is watching, I almost pass out when I speak at WOL, and I can't even imagine singing in front of someone, although my shower head is my biggest fan.

I want to not be afraid & kick a soccer ball even if I flat on my backside, to share what God's been doing in my life without my voice cracking & breaking out into a cold sweat, and sing my heart out up on stage. I feel like God's calling me to challenge myself in these areas, & I know I can do it.

{3} Do a WOL QT every day (on time!) and have a word of the day relating to the devo as well. OK, so the QT a day thing is probably unattainable, but the WOTD per QT is going to happen. It's something that started at camp...we'd think of what the QT meant to us personally and summarize it to just one word then write it on our hand to remind us what we learned about God that day. I fell off the wagon when we got back from camp (HA) but with the new year I'm going to start again!

 That's it. Three simple things that I know I can stick with...that's not to say I'm not going to accomplish other things but these are the ones I want you, my readers, to keep me accountable on.

And, since I love Doctor Who/David Tennat (ohhh, DT), I'll leave you with a little parting gift...
Pea ess: I cried when he said this. To know why, you HAVE TO watch Doctor Who. No exceptions.

Oh yes, it's gonna be a great year indeed.

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  1. Oh my goodness I love Doctor Who!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And David Tennant, and I cried too...if I remember correctly.